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​​ ​​You're Home Automation and Entertainment Technology Professionals

Your home has lighting, shades, climate, garage doors, and an alarm system.  Trying to make this systems work for you is fun and easy.  By including these in your home automation system, you can create not only a convenience, but a way to manage your energy usage.  With offices in Ocean county and Somerset county, we are able to support you at your main residence and your shore house.

"Did you leave the lights on?  I forgot to set the alarm.  When we get home, the house is going to be hot!"

We have the ability to link your lighting, shades, alarm, climate, and garage doors to your smart phone or tablet.  You will be able to turn off the alarm and turn on a lighting preset as you drive up the driveway.  Monitor your house temperature while on vacation and set it to a comfortable level before you board the plane to come back home.  Mobile control will add convenience and peace of mind while you are away from your home.